Poodies Hilltop Roadhouse

Dear Friends and Supporters of Poodie's Roadhouse:

We hope you are all staying healthy and happy. We have been closely monitoring the evolving situation around COVID-19 and will remain closed until it is safe to re-open. The uncertainty of when that may be is tough, but we hope to make a strong comeback when possible! Until then, the Austin/Spicewood music industry is struggling, and is in need of a lot of love and support from our music fans like YOU to recover. Our independent music venues and artists are hit especially hard, so please consider some ways you may be able to help support them

1) Buy Music - Buy albums directly from independent artists' websites, or on sites like Bandcamp, CDbaby and iTunes. Also purchase from our local record stores who are offering online sales/delivery.

2) Stream Music - Although not as immediately profitable to the artist as album purchases, streaming their music on platforms like YouTube supports them in small ways too! And LOTS of artists are doing live streams of home performances right now. If you see one, tune in! If you don't, search for some and check them out. There are even entire festival lineups of live streams being organized.

3) Buy Merch - Rep your favorite independent venues and artists by purchasing their T-shirts and other uniquely branded merch items!

4) Share with Friends - Share our social media pages @Poodies Roadhouse, and those of your favorite independent artists too! Mention them to your friends and send them invites to “like” and “follow." Spread the word and help create a buzz about the independent music and venues you'll be supporting, and share excitement to support them in person as soon as we can once again!

5) Stay Home - The more we can avoid coming into contact with others (and the surfaces they've touched) the better we can slow this pandemic, and therefore the sooner we can start to restore normalcy and re-open businesses like ours! It's going to take a lot longer (and cause a lot more suffering) if we do not follow the Shelter in Place guidelines.


6) Donate - We have organized a way to support Poodies Roadhouse and our staff during the closure, as have many other independent venues and musician organizations and you can support in this way. We just started a GOFUNDME campaign and special Venmo account fundraiser to support our employees, but we do need Your help! 

Go Fund Me!      VENMO